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Soccer Betting Tips

Soccer is said to be the most popular spectator sport in the world. And with the recent debut of soccer legend David Beckham in Major League Soccer, Americans have shown an invigorated interest in the sport.

There are three types of bets in soccer - the money line, the tie (or draw) and the total score of the game.

For example, the line from your favorite sports book reads:

Team USA -600
Tie (draw) +1200
Team Germany +550

Team USA is considered as the favorite and you'd have to bet $600 on Team USA to win $100. If Team USA wins the match, you get your original $600 bet and your $100 winning for a total payout of $700.

Team Germany is considered as the underdog and you'd have to bet $100 on Team Germany to win $550. If Team Germany wins the match, you get your original $100 plus your $550 winning for a total payout of $650.

When betting on the Tie (or draw), the game must be declared a Draw for you to win the bet. If the match goes to Penalty shots, Golden Goals, or there is a disqualification, an official winner will be declared and all Draw bets would be considered losing bets.

Using the Above example, your $100 Tie bet can win $1,200 for a total payout of $1,300.

The total listed represents the total number of goals scored in the match. When betting on the total goals that a game will have, the bettor must take the OVER (more than the listed total) or the UNDER (less than the listed total). Regardless of the winner of the match, the combined score of the two teams will determine the outcome of the bet. Remember, overtime will always count for the total of the game, but penalty shots will not.

Using the above example, if you wager that the total score of the game between Team USA and Team Germany will go OVER 2, and the final score is 2-1, you win the bet.

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