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Boxing Betting Tips

A bet on your favorite boxer is made by laying or taking money odds - odds expressed in terms of a dollar. The minus (-) indicates the favorite while the plus (+) indicates the underdog.

Whenever there is a minus (-), you lay that amount to win a dollar; where there is a plus (+) you get that amount for every dollar wagered.

For example, the money line is pegged at Manny Pacquiao -350 against Marco Antonio Barrera +275. This means that Pacquiao is the favorite and you'd have to bet $350 on Pacquiao to win $100. On the other hand, Barrera is the underdog and you'd have to bet $100 on Barrera to win $275.

Betting on boxing is easy, isn't it? To guide you in choosing which boxer to bet on, here are some boxing betting tips.

Tale of the Tape

The tale of the tape is a valuable source of information for bettors who bet on boxing. The tale of the tape shows how two boxers physically match-up against one another.

Who's got a longer reach? Who's got the height advantage? Who's younger? Who's got a better win-loss record? Who has more knockouts? All these information is contained in the tale of the tape.


Boxing is full of drama, both from inside and outside of the ring. And it's common to hear from a boxer that he lost because he was distracted while he was training.

Before placing a bet, look at how a boxer trained for a particular fight. Is he focused in training? Will he be focused on the upcoming fight? Or are there distractions?


Boxers may have all sorts of injuries because of the nature of the sport and the rigorous training that go with it.

Be on the look out for injuries on your favorite boxers and try to research on the gravity of these injuries.

A sprain may be inconsequential, but a boxer who's got a sprained ankle may have a hard time "floating like a butterfly" inside the ring, making him more prone to get hit or knocked out.


Certain boxers fare better on the rematch than on the first bout. As human nature dictates, and with the competitiveness that boxers have, losing boxers would want to get even (inside the ring of course)! Especially against someone who beat the crap out of them in front of thousands of cheering fans.

Also, a losing boxer up for a rematch may have a chip on his shoulder or a point to prove.

The Coach

Coaches are oftentimes overlooked in boxing since it's the boxers who slug it out inside the ring. But coaches are like masterful generals who plan strategies for their brave soldiers.

Coaches keep the boxers focused during training. Coaches plan how boxers should fight a particular bout. Coaches make strategic adjustments during a bout. And it's the coach who the boxer trusts the most while he is in the ring.

So watch out for winning coaches going up against mediocre ones.


Many of us are right-handed. We are accustomed to using our right hand and we oftentimes expect that other people would use their right hand as well. It's no different with boxers.

Though boxers train using both hands, quite a number of boxers are thrown off their rhythm by southpaws (left handed boxers).

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