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Tennis Betting Tips

Bets on your favorite tennis player are made by laying or taking money odds. The minus (-) indicates the favorite while the plus (+) indicates the underdog.

Whenever there is a minus (-), you lay that amount to win a dollar; where there is a plus (+) you get that amount for every dollar wagered.

For example, the money line is pegged at Justine Henin -350 against Venus Williams +275. This means that Henin is the favorite and you'd have to bet $350 on her to win $100. On the other hand, Williams is the underdog and you'd have to bet $100 on her to win $275.

Betting on tennis is as simple as that! Here are a few tips to make your tennis betting experience more fun and profitable.


Watch out for injuries on the players that you'll bet on. Injuries can be devastating to tennis players especially on a singles match. Even the slightest ankle sprain can hinder your favorite player from running down the baseline to sprinting towards the net.

On the other hand, betting on the opponents of injured players can be a wise decision. A player's chances of winning dramatically increase whenever he's up against a player who's not 100%.


Tennis players tend to go on streaks - both winning and losing. So watch out for players who are on a winning streak and try to stay away from players who are on a losing streak.


Some players have the number of other players. In 2007, Justine Henin beat Serena Williams in the quarter finals of the French Open, Wimbledon and US Open.

Home Court

Grass? Clay? Turf? Some tennis players play well on certain court surfaces and play poorly on others. And since each tennis tournament is played on a different court, it is wise to keep a tab on which courts your favorite tennis player plays well on.

By late 2007, Roger Federer, who has won four Wimbledon titles, is widely considered as the king of grass. Rafael Nadal, who has won two French Open titles, is considered as the king of clay.

Rankings / Seedings

Another way of gauging a tennis player's performance is through his ranking or tournament seeding. Players who have consistently won matches are ranked high. Also, players who are favored to win a particular tournament are seeded high.

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