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It takes a great deal of research to win a bet. Flipping a coin or hoping that lady luck would favor your bet just won't cut it.

Research entails two things:

  1. studying which sports books offer better odds, prices, and comps
  2. looking for an edge your favorite team or player might be able to take advantage of focuses on item number 2. We provide NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and NASCAR betting tips. We also offer Boxing, Golf, Soccer, Tennis, College Basketball and College Football betting tips. Best of all, these tips are ABSOLUTELY FREE!

The challenge of winning a bet is to gather and analyze as much information as you can about a game, a team, or a player; objectively weigh the winning probabilities; and subsequently compare your conclusion to those of th odds maker.

Consistent sports bet winners are like successful Blackjack players. Only a few reach the level of competent card counters and it takes a lot of practice to get there.

A bettor must have discipline, and should be willing to commit the time and effort to do his research consistently.

There are many "recreational" bettors who hope to get lucky every once in a while, unknowingly losing a ton of their hard-earned cash.

Then there are those who believe that they've got this betting thing beat. When in truth, they haven't put the work in, haven't developed the necessary discipline and knowledge to be a consistent winner.

Which are you?

Again, it takes a great deal of research to win a bet. And most of us need improvement in this area.

The tips you'll find here at should guide you in objectively choosing which team or player to bet on.

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